With all the chatter about salons and spas soon reopening, many people are looking for suggestions on how to safely prepare their salons to operate in an era where sanitation is on the front of everyone’s mind. Although salons are already highly regulated with strict sanitation protocol, you may have client’s watching more closely how you keep your business clean. Read below for suggestions and industry best practices!

Before Opening

  • Remove all magazines, books, and toys from waiting area for the time being. Encourage clients to look online prior to coming in for hairstyle inspiration and photos.
  • Scale down your waiting area to just a few chairs and spread them out. Waiting areas should be limited for clients that will be receiving services only, not family members or friends that are tagging along.
  • Post signage informing clients of sanitation procedures and online scheduling.
  • Disinfect all non porous areas like chairs, stations, shelves, retail areas, etc.
  • Stock up on appropriate PPE supplies such as gloves, masks, disinfectant, safety glasses, or whatever is deemed necessary and appropriate for your business.
  • Make sure the salon looks clean and organized! It is critical guests have the right perception of your environment.


Upon Opening

  • Consider implementing special senior hours to service the most vulnerable.
  • Stagger appointments so there is minimal contact for clients amongst one another.
  • Consider that stylists spread out as much as possible, using every other station if able.
  • Do not offer self-serve coffee or water and do not provide magazines.
  • Hand sanitizer needs to be accessible to both clients and staff. Staff should wash hands or sanitize in between every client.
  • Clean capes should be used on every client, even if state regulations do not require it.
  • Sanitize the credit card machine after each transaction.
  • Mid day and end of day disinfecting of the entire salon needs to be carefully completed.


The most important thing to remember is that your salon staff and management can’t lose focus on sanitation. Hold them to high standards and enforce it however necessary! Go above and beyond what the state or Government requires you to do and in turn you will have clients and staff that feel their well being is a priority for you! And have you thought of a sanitation or safety precaution that wasn’t mentioned here?? Comment below!