Chelsea M, Merchandise Manager

I highly recommend Samantha Stading. As the Product and Education Manager for a franchise salon chain, I had the privilege of working closely with Samantha for over a year. She possessed a high level of education, coaching and management skills. Samantha was a true demonstration of a team leader. Her dedication to meet goals and quotas was unmatched. We worked together on many aspects, one of them was training and educating the staff on products and product merchandising. Samantha was able to connect with the staff in an efficient manner finding their strengths and implementing a training system that worked to achieve the highest results. When working with her she was a very effective communicator, honest and fair, and set out clear expectations. Samantha recognized high performers and provided them with further growth opportunities. For those who performed under goal in product sales Samantha developed an action plan to help them meet their goals while helping them improve their over all skills. I believe that Samantha possesses the leadership, products knowledge, sales and marketing and overall business expertise to lead a team to the next level.


Jennifer F, Client

From mentoring other stylists, both in skills at the chair and in how to seamlessly work product discussions into the conversation to increase the sale; to increasing traffic in salons large and small by small additions of service that are recognized by clients; to managing operations and personnel aspects of the business for multiple locations, Samantha Stading is a true master when it comes to Salon Management.  If you have the opportunity to utilize her skills – take it! Your bottom line will thank you.

Kara S, Salon Manager

Samantha has been a huge help to our salon. She’s great at keeping stylists and teams motivated as well as being there ANY time you need to talk. Even if it wasn’t work related! She’s a great person to work with.

Dean A, Salon Owner

Samantha was an asset our company in many ways. She always had a positive demeanor and was very approachable when a stylist or manager had a question or problem. She frequently suggested changes to policy, services, products, and promotions that were typically successful and profitable. She has a unique combination of knowledge of the industry, technical skills, and the ability to manage and lead on multiple levels.

Joe A, Business Owner

Vernon and the Devoted Team are an absolute machine!  I have never seen someone work as hard for my business as they do.  I have not had the best luck in the past with “coaches” or “consultants” because the value wasn’t there.  They are worth every penny!  If you want to learn work life balance, increase your sales, train you staff, or more, you need to hire them and get them to teach you what processes and systems you need in your business to make you more successful and profitable.

Caiti S, Independent Salon Owner

I was able to attend a Continuing Ed business class from Samantha and it was very informative! Lot of motivating and “ah ha” moments! Everyone was able to give input on knowledge but overall the class was very mapped out for success.

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